International Workshop on Data-Mining and Statistical Science (DMSS2008)

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September 25

Feasibility of Graph Sequence Mining based on Admissibility Constraints

Akihiro Inokuchi and Takashi Washio (Osaka University, Japan)

Mining Maximal Tree Patterns with Subtree Constraint

Nguyen Viet Anh, Koichiro Doi, and Akihiro Yamamoto (Kyoto University, Japan)

On Feasibility of Graph Spectrum-based Frequent Sub-graph Mining

Kouzou Ohara, Takashi Washio, and Duy Vinh Nguyen (Osaka University, Japan)

Discovery of Closed Hyperclique Patterns in a Sequence of Graphs

Tomonobu Ozaki and Takenao Ohkawa (Kobe University, Japan)

New Directions in Statistical Graph Mining (Invited)

Koji Tsuda (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany)


Constrained Motif Discovery

Yasser Mohammad and Toyoaki Nishida (Kyoto University, Japan)

Using Product-of-Student-t for Label Propagation on Multiple Networks

Tsuyoshi Kato (Ochanomizu University & AIST CBRC, Japan), Hisashi Kashima (IBM Research, Japan), and Masashi Sugiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Privacy-preserving Data Mining and Machine Learning (Invited)

Jun Sakuma (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)



secure function evaluation

PPDM for k-means


Feature Extraction with Geometric Algebra for Semi-Supervised Learning of Time-Series Spatial Vector

Minh Tuan Pham, Kanta Tachibana, Tomohiro Yoshikawa, and Takeshi Furuhashi (Nagoya University, Japan)

Feature Similarity: Geometrical Modeling and Discriminative Kernel Learning

Canh Hao Nguyen and Tu Bao Ho (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

September 26

Mining and Visualizing Local Dependence among Financial Data

Teruko Takada (Osaka City University, Japan)

Algorithm for Computing Skyline ObjectSet on Numerical Databases

Md. Anisuzzaman, Taufik Djatna, and Yasuhiko Morimoto (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Forecast of Criminal Character by Text Mining of Suspicious Person Behavior Report

Ariya Fujita (National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan) and Shigeru Shimada (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan)

Theoretical Explanation of the Boosting Algorithms (Invited)

Liwei Wang (Peking University, China)




Attribute Selection for Databases that Contain Correlations by Using Two-Dimensional Rules

Taufik Djatna and Yasuhiko Morimoto (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Feature Selection for Temporal Data Mining

Basabi Chakraborty (Iwate Prefectural University, Japan)

Semi-Supervised Speaker Identification under Covariate Shift

Makoto Yamada and Masashi Sugiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Personalized Tag Predition Boosted by BaggTaming: A Case Study of the Hatena Bookmark

Toshihiro Kamishima, Masahiro Hamasaki, and Shotaro Akaho (AIST, Japan)


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