The 4th International Workshop on Data-Mining and Statistical Science (DMSS2009)

このページはしましまThe 4th International Workshop on Data-Mining and Statistical Science (DMSS2009) に参加してとったメモです.私の主観や勘違いが含まれていたり,私が全く分かってなかったりしていますので,その点を注意してご覧ください.誤りがあれば,指摘してください.


DMSS: Session 1

Efficient Exploration through Active Learning for Value Function Approximation in Reinforcement Learning

Takayuki Akiyama, Hirotaka Hachiya, and Masashi Sugiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Visual Inspection of Precision Instruments by Least-Squares Outlier Detection

Masafumi Takimoto, Masakazu Matsugu (Canon), and Masashi Sugiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Extracting Phases of Financial Markets

Teruko Takada (Osaka City University)

Invited Talk: Recent Topics on BDDs/ZDDs for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Shin-ichi Minato (Hokkaido University)

DMSS: Session 3

Dimensionality Reduction for Density Ratio Estimation in High-dimensional Spaces

Masashi Sugiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Motoaki Kawanabe (Fraunhofer Institute FIRST), and Pui Ling Chui (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Sufficient Dimension Reduction via Squared-loss Mutual Information Estimation

Taiji Suzuki (University of Tokyo) and Masashi Sugiyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


DMSS: Session 4

Identification of an Exogenous Variable in a Linear non-Gaussian Structural Equation Model

Shohei Shimizu (Osaka University), Aapo Hyvarinen (University of Helsinki), Yoshinobu Kawahara (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and Takashi Washio (Osaka University)

Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Failed-Link Detection in Communication Networks

Shohei Hido (Kyoto University, IBM Research) and Yutaka Takahashi (Kyoto University)

Gaussian Mixture Models and VC Dimensions

Yohji Akama (Tohoku University)

Invited Talk: 小売マーケティング分野でのデータマイニング

Katsutoshi Yada (Kansai University)





DMSS: Session 6

Monolithic and Partial Compilation Methods for Probabilistic Inference of Bayesian Networks using ZBDDs

Daisuke Tokoro, Kiyoharu Hamaguchi, Toshinobu Kashiwabara (Osaka University), and Shin-ichi Minato (Hokkaido University)

Pattern Discovery from a Single Graph with Quantitative Itemsets

Yuuki Miyoshi, Tomonobu Ozaki, and Takenao Ohkawa (Kobe University)

Mining Frequent Patterns from Linear Graphs

Yasuo Tabei, Daisuke Okanohara (University of Tokyo), and Koji Tsuda (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

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